2013 Open Day


This is an extract from the previous website.


On Saturday 26th January 2013 while snow on was still the ground the village sports clubs that use the recreation ground held an Open Day to tell the village what they do in the hope and expectation that it would encourage more to join.

Around 100 people passed through the pavilion during a busy 2 hours.


If each of the 100 visitors told another 4 about the day 400 people will have heard about what goes on at the recreation ground and the Open Day will have been a success.

If all the kids in the village cry out ‘I want to go to the recreation ground’ on a Saturday morning we will be succeeding in our vision of having the sports organisations in the village being well supported, thriving and successful.


Who was there?

a3rcg, a road cycling group demonstrated one of their ‘turbo’ training sessions, for 2 hours 4 riders pedalled continuously alongside a video of one of their training runs in France.

There were several inquires about Bridge. There are already two busy clubs that use the pavilion, if there is enough interest another can be formed.

The traditional sports of stoolball, cricket, football and tennis had plenty of opportunity to share their activities and plans with the visitors, signing up several new members and identifying many juniors who would like some coaching.

The Golf Society, open to all villagers and those that have represented the village in the past at one of the sports; intending to play 4 times during the summer.

What happened next?

Regular sessions for junior football were run from 2ndMarch through until 27th April, followed by junior cricket from 4th May until 14th All sessions run by fully qualified coaches starting at 10:00.

Such was the interest in Fernhurst iTraining (FiT) that the group met for the first time on 16thFebruary at the recreation ground.

The golf society was formed and is still going although now called Peripatos Golf Society.

Why hold the Open Day

The Open Day was held to provide a forum at which the organisations that use the recreation ground and pavilion could present their clubs with a view to finding new players, juniors to coach and develop; and people who are willing to give up some of their time to help run the clubs and perhaps become coaches.

If enough interest is shown, and we expect there to be, the intention is to provide coaching and fitness sessions at the recreation ground every Saturday regardless of the weather with the kettle on in the pavilion for the parents while they watch and chat. Afterwards some refreshment for those that have taken part in the sessions will be provided. In this way it is hoped that Fernhurst Recreation Ground will become a place for families to come on a Saturday morning to ‘play together’ and have fun.

If, as expected these efforts are a success outdoor cricket nets and a new or extended pavilion will be progressed. Key over the next few years is the establishment of the sports clubs with a healthy junior contingent.