Velo South use of the recreation ground car park


We, the Trustees of the Fernhurst Recreation Ground were not consulted on the decision to run Velo South, which was permitted by the proper, democratically-elected authority, WSCC. We replied positively to the request for the use of our car park as a pit-stop, as the absence of one could have resulted in unacceptable nuisance in the village and along the route of the event, which would have taken place either way. The money sought to meet our expenses and inconvenience was not a significant factor in our decision, which was also agreed by the Fernhurst Sports Clubs’ representatives. Other events at the recreation ground, that would have struggled to have occurred at the same time as Velo South, were postponed to new dates with the agreement of the clubs.

As Trustees, it is not our business to declare approval or disapproval of Velo South, the organisation of which was the responsibility of others. Our responsibility is to assist local sporting activity, which is why we, in partnership with the sports clubs, have already raised over £225k for new tennis courts, cricket nets and a football pitch in recent years, reviving the fortunes of the sports clubs in the process. Indeed, it is that continued concern for sports activities and the youth of Fernhurst that is motivating the Trustees, and many others, to voluntarily donate hundreds of hours to provide a pavilion fit for our young – and one for the village to be proud of for the next 50 years.

We believe that it is this cause that should bring our community together, not divide it. So, we encourage those villagers who have not yet participated in Pavilion 2022 to join us in this constructive initiative for our community at Pavilion 2022 crowdfunding page.