Hiring & Use of the Ground


With access to the lovely ground outside the pavilion is a great space to hold a family gathering.

To hire the pavilion email the Lettings Manager by clicking here or ring 01428 653790.


Use of the ground for gain requires the consent of the Trust whether or not the person or organisation is from within the parish.

An application for permission can be made directly from this website using the CONTACT page.

If successful a letter setting out any appropriate conditions will be issued and your organisation added to the list of those permitted to use the ground.

When applying remember the Trust values it’s relationship with its neighbours and the uses already being made of the ground. When applying it would be good to set out the length of each use, day and frequency of use, number of people involved, noise(s) likely to be made and whether or not the pavilion will be required at all.

Those already permitted to use the ground are,

  1. Fernhurst football club
  2. Fernhurst cricket club
  3. Fernhurst tennis club
  4. Fernhurst stoolball club
  5. South Downs Ballooning
  6. AB Fitness
  7. Revels
  8. Sara Jeffery, outdoor Zumba classes
  9. Alana Smallbone & Iain Bambury (MetimeP.T), 1-2-1 and group fitness sessions
  10. Gemma Holdaway, fitness sessions
  11. Virgin Balloons, for take-offs from football pitch and beyond


To check whether or not the pavilion or ground is available click here to view the calendar.