Clubs at the Recreation Ground

  • Bridge
  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Fitness
  • Football
  • Golf
  • Stoolball
  • Tennis

Bridge Clubs Use the Pavilion

There are 2 bridge clubs that use the pavilion throughout the year.

The Verdley Bridge Club started using the pavilion soon after Home Farm, the company club provided by AstraZeneca for its employees closed in 2000, and the Fernhurst Bridge Club who moved in a couple of years ago after Wheelers, now the Handsome Pig, took over the Kings Arms.

Fernhurst play on a Tuesday evening while Verdley play on a Wednesday evening.

Both clubs have a fairly full membership, in fact there is normally a waiting list. If you are keen contact Geoff Howe ( as he is the focal point for the formation of a third bridge club if there is sufficient interest.

The contacts for the two existing clubs are: Verdley - Martin Nield (01428 643593) & Fernhurst - Jacquline Jordan.

Fernhurst Cricket Club



Approximately 50 adult playing members, 80 juniors and 20 social non-playing members.

Beautiful ground with pavilion (changing rooms, bar, and SKY TV) on the boundary.
Two lanes of permanent state of the art nets with a bowling machine.


Saturday 1st and 2nd XIs - In the I'Anson League, playng approximately 20 games a season.

Sunday XI - Play around 24 friendly but competitive matches against nomad and local sides.

Junior XI's - There are several teams which play in the Two Counties League.

Matches for other age groups are arranged throughout the season.


Junior coaching sessions are held every Saturday morning at the Recreaton Ground.
Late winter sessions are run indoors from February.
All sessions are led by our coaches who have ECB coaching qualifications.

If you would like to know more about Fernhurst Cricket Club or contact someone in the club just click on their logo below to visit their website,


The earliest known record of Fernhurst Cricket Club (FCC) is from 1889 when matches against Lynchmere, Wispers and The Marshes were played.

This balance sheet is the earliest known document relating to FCC.

For many years friendly matches were played, although between 1919 and 1928 an annual challenge took place for the Ashurst Cup against the Ashurst Estate. This challenge was re-introduced after the war in 1950 against the Verdley CC, made up of ICI employees who now owned Verdley House and estate.

In 1975 Fernhurst along with a number of other local clubs formed the evening Ashurst League, for which Fernhurst, who by now owned the Ashurst Cup, lent the name and cup.

In 1997 Fernhurst joined the expanding I’Anson League. Initially fielding one team then in 2000 a 2nd XI. By 2001 Fernhurst had achieved its goal of having teams in both the 1st and 3rd Divisions of the I’Anson League. However 2002 proved a difficult year due to a shortage of players so in 2003 the 2nd XI was disbanded.

Since 2004 the Sunday XI has been used to encourage new players (young and old) to try out the game, get involved, find an aspect of the game that they can be good at, be competitive and learn how to win and if it happens, to lose well.

By 2007 this policy had begun to be successful as a number of Sunday players along with a couple of new recruits started to shine and by 2009 the Saturday XI was once again competitive albeit still in the 3rd Division of the I’Anson League.

If you would like to know more about Fernhurst Cricket Club just click on their logo to visit their website.




Cycling - Road Racing

The pavilion is used periodically during the year by a3crg as a training base or for club events.

a3crg came into existence in October 2000 as a non-profit making organisation with the main aims of;

  1. To promote cycle racing in the vicinity of the A3 between Liphook and Petersfield.
  2. To ensure each promotion is an 'event' for the riders, rather than just a 'ride'.
  3. To be different and have some fun!

In addition, they have a strong racing team which includes 5 National Champions and 12 actively competing women.

 Visit their website to find out more.

Fernhurst in Training

Do you need to get fit before you play a sport or will playing a sport get you fit?

The answer is 'Yes' to both but so is 'No'.Most of us could do with being fitter than we are. 

Every Saturday at 10:00 Adam Burger, a personal trainer with AB Fitness holds a boot camp style training session at the Recreation Ground open to both genders, all ages and abilities.

He is careful to ensure you enjoy yourself and that you see an improvement from week to week whether that improvement is in running for the bus, keeping up with the kids or in your chosen sport.

To join in the fun(?) all you have to do is turn up at 10:00 of a Saturday or if you would like a 1-2-1 session take a look at the AB Fitness website,

Don't be shy, Jennifer Ennis-Hill had to start somewhen.

Fernhurst Football Club

About Fernhurst Football Club

Fernhurst Sports Football Club is a local club based in West Sussex between Midhurst and Haslemere, with a rich history now spanning over 100 years. It was first formed in 1902 by a group of local enthusiasts, and joined the league in 1907 - the date we agree as our birth.

The club has enjoyed many years of success, gaining many honours and friends along the way. We now run two adult teams, both competing in the West Sussex Leagues, with plans to start a veterans and youth team very soon. Longer term we also plan to form a ladies team.

Fernhurst Sports FC is a friendly, family orientated football club, and we welcome everyone to join us on matchdays. Our club has a bar to enjoy a friendly drink after the game.

To find out more about the club and becoming a member visit their website, or make contact with Kate Brookes. Click here to email her or phone her on either 01428 658732 or 07801560219

A Little Bit More


Approximately 45 adult playing members, 80+ juniors and 12 social non-playing members.


A level well drained pitch layed in 2012.

Pavilion with hot showers, kitchen, bar and SKY TV.

2 Saturday XI adult teams playing in the West Sussex League.

Under 8's play in the North East Hampshire Youth League.

Under 9's play in the South Surrey Youth League.


Coaching for the adult and youth teams takes place during the evenings each week in Petersfield.

Every Saturday morning from 10:00 - 11:30 Junior coaching / development sessions take place under the supervision of a FA qualified coach.


Peripatos (Fernhurst) Golf Society

A golf society (Peripatos GS) operates in the village, providing golf for those that live in Fernhurst, have played sport for the village, their friends and colleagues.

Each month, April to September, a golf day is organised.

Courses played include; Bramley, Puttenham, Guildford, Corhampton, Test Valley, Alresford aand more.

It is simple to join, send an email to the organiser advising him of your interest, you will then be added to the email circulation list and invited to play on the society days.

To find out more click here to go to a dedicated website.

3 Counties Stoolball

2013 Season

The programme for the coming season will not be confirmed until the end of February. Generally there are a couple of games a week and tournaments on a Sunday.

Practice starts when the clocks change and takes place Mondays and Wednesdays from 6:30pm.

If you have specific questions email Pamela Jessopp ( or of course you could just turn up.

What is Stoolball

Stoolball is a sport that dates back to at least the 15th century, originating in Sussex. It may be an ancestor of cricket (a game it resembles), in fact Stoolball is sometimes called "Cricket in the air". Traditionally it was played by milkmaids who used their milking stools as a "wicket".

The game's popularity has faded since the 1960s, but is still played at a local league level in Sussex, Kent and Midlands. The National Stoolball Association was formed in 1979 to promote Stoolball in England. The game was officially recognised as a sport by the Sports Council in early 2008.  There are ladies leagues in Sussex, Surrey and Kent and mixed leagues in Sussex. Fernhurst play in a local league and tournaments throughout the summer.

Stoolball is played on grass with a 90-yard (82-metre) diameter boundary, and the pitch is 16 yards (15 metres) long. Each team consists of 11 players, with one team fielding and the other batting. Bowling is underarm from a bowling "crease" 10 yards (9.1 metres) from the batsman's wicket, with the ball reaching the batsman on the full as in rounders or baseball rather than bouncing from the pitch as in cricket. Each over consists of 8 balls. The "wicket" itself is a square piece of wood at head or shoulder height fastened to a post. Traditionally the seat of a stool hung from a post or tree was used. Some versions used a tall stool placed upright on the ground.

As it is played today, a bowler attempts to hit the wicket with the ball, and a batsman defends it using a bat shaped like a frying pan. The batsman scores "runs" by running between the wickets or hitting the ball beyond the boundary in a similar way to cricket. A ball hit over the boundary counts for 4 runs if it has hit the ground before reaching the boundary, or 6 runs if it landed beyond the boundary upon first contact with the ground. Fielders attempt to catch the ball or run out the batsman by hitting the wicket with the ball before the batsman returns from his run.

To find out more contact any of the following;


Fernhurst Tennis Club

Fernhurst Tennis Club was set up in 2009 to manage the serious fund-raising operation underway to finance the construction of three courts, seeking finance from both private and public sources. The project was completed in 2010 and the Club is now fully operational with a thriving membership, a busy social programme and teams competing, with various degrees of success, in the East Hampshire League.

The club has an active website, just click on their logo above to head off to it. If you want to contact them directly click here to go to their contact page

 In just 2 years the club has had some success.

Summer 2011 East Hampshire Tennis League - Ladies Division VI Winners
Summer 2012 East Hampshire Tennis League - Mens Division IV Winners
  East Hampshire Tennis League - Mixed Division IV Winners
  East Hampshire Tennis League - Ladies Division V Winners