The Trust


The recreation ground was purchased through private donation by the village from the Blackdown Estate just after WWII as “…. a recreation ground or park for the benefit of the inhabitants of the parish of Fernhurst”.

The supreme administration and control of the Trust Property is vested in the administrative trustees, 5  trustees and 2 ex-officio trustees.

The management of Trust Property is vested in the Management Committee, consisting of the administrative trustees and 1 person from 15 named village organisations e.g. Fernhurst Women’s Institute and Fernhurst British Legion. Unfortunately some of the 15 organisations no longer exist.

Administrative Trustees

Charlie Scott – Chair

John Mitchell

Bill Gourlay

Kate Brooks

Graham Heath

Ex-Officio Trustees

Chair of Fernhurst Parish Council

Vicar of St Margrets, Fernhurst

Supporting the trustees are:

Secretary – Position to be filled

Treasurer – Roger Mier

Lettings – Judith Turner