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The Trust Property, the ground and its buildings, is held and managed by the Trust to provide;

".... a recreation ground or park for the benefit of the inhabitants of the parish of Fernhurst ....".

The supreme administration and control of the Trust Property is vested in six administrative trustees, 4 Trustees and 2 Ex-officio trustees.

The management of the Trust Property is vested in the Management Committee, which consists of the administrative trustees and 1 person from 15 other named village organisations, e.g. Fernhurst Womens Institute.

Unfortunately some of the 15 organisations named in the original trust deed have been dissolved for example there is no longer a branch of the British Legion in the village. However it would appear that a tennis club existed as one is named in the deed drawn up in 1941.


Barry Wood

Appointed 2006

Chair of Trustees and Management Committee

John Mitchell OBE

Appointed 2001


Charles Scott

Appointed 2015

Bill Gourlay

Appointed 2016

Emmanual Pezier

Appointed 2011


Heather Bicknell

Ex-Officio Trustee - Chair of Fernhurst Parish Council

Nicholas Haigh

Ex-Officio Trustee - Parish Vicar

Officers & Assistants to the Trustees






Roger Mier

Appointed annually since 2010


Pavilion Bookings

Judith Turner

Appointed annually since 2015

Pavilion Manager & Chair of Fernhurst Sports Club

Graham Heath

Appointed annually since 2008