Vision and Aims


At the turn of the century, the village’s major employer sold up and left. At a stroke halving the outdoor sports facilities available to villagers, leaving only those at the recreation ground. These comprised a run-down pavilion, a very badly drained football pitch, a cricket square , an area for stoolball  and a children’s play area. Gone were Verdley cricket ground, pavilion, soccer pitch, bowls green and tennis courts. There was no organised sports for those under 10 years, while older boys and girls had to play in adult teams.

A major long term project was envisioned by the trust which would restore, indeed improve upon the previous facilities although the individual sports clubs would have the responsibility to ensure they were fully utilised and the younger element of the village were included.


That the recreation ground, as the focal point for outdoor sports and activities in the village,  would provide sports facilities of sufficient quantity and quality as to attract both widespread participation and the pursuit of excellence.


Immediately, to encourage Fernhurst sports clubs to bring detailed proposals, including finance, to The Trustees for the construction and development of new and improved facilities.

Ultimately, to provide and maintain sufficient, high quality sports and leisure facilities on the recreation ground to serve the basic wants and the higher aspirations of our village population.